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Housing Support

About housing support in Aichi prefecture

1. Private apartment
According to the Japan Student Services Organization, an approximately 80% of international students live in private accommodations and apartments. It is common that international students receive housing advices from schools' international exchange office, or search for housing information from the internet or residential information magazines. In Aichi prefecture, as you can rent an apartment with a cheaper monthly price than Tokyo and Osaka, probably living expenses might not be a very big burden.
In order to rent a private dormitory · apartment, you need a a joint guarantor. In many cases, the school, or the person in charge of the international exchange office of that school is also a joint guarantor. However, the policies of each school, and the management of each real estate agency on their apartments may vary. You should be careful when gathering information.
In addition, the Japan International Education Support Association manages the "International Student Comprehensive Housing Compensation" system to prepare for any emergency fire, etc. and to help the joint guarantor avoid any inconvenience.
The "Student Guide to Japan" information on Japan, which is posted on the Japan Student Services Organization website might be your useful source of reference. For details, please see Chapter 4: Learning about living.
2. UR Rental Housing
A rental house system managed by Urban Renaissance (UR) Agency. Renting houses via this system requires no key money, brokerage fee, renewal fee or guarantor.
International students can live in UR houses if their universities and UR Agency have an agreement based on "Foreign Student Promotion Promotion System", or if the house lease agreement is under the name of their universities (or the local governments).
3. The International Student Center
The International Student Center is a dormitory for international students, managed by the Nagoya International Center, a public benefit foundation. In addition to providing accommodation to international students studying at universities in Aichi Prefecture, the center also offers training, provide information and consultation, etc.
4. Dormitories run by schools
There are dormitories established and operated independently by schools, including universities. Some of them are in a private room style, while others are in the "exchange dormitory" style where international students live together with Japanese students. Inside universities' dormitories, various events such as traveling and parties are planned as part of international exchange.
For more details, please see the guidebook and webpage, or contact the international exchange office of each school.
5. Homestay program
Some schools offer homestay programs - a program under which international students have a chance to live as a family member with a Japanese family. For international students, it is a good opportunity to speak Japanese and to learn about Japanese culture.
For more details, please see the guidebook and webpage, or contact the international exchange office of each school.
6. Search for dormitories in Japan
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