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Students' Life in Aichi

  There are approximately 50 universities in Aichi Prefecture, where you can chase your academic life in various fields of both literature and technology science. We proud to be an academically top-level region in the world, In 2008, three former scientists of Nagoya University won the Nobel Prize at the same time.
  Aichi Prefecture, centering on Nagoya city, has developed public transportation facilities, and although it is a metropolitan area, prices are lower than those of Tokyo and Osaka prefectures. Moreover, life consultation and information services for foreigners are also enriched. These characteristics have contributed to built an environment which is friendly and easy to live.
  Besides the charming of a big city, Aichi Prefecture is also blessed with rich nature and culture. Beautiful fireworks, festivals and hot springs, the hometown of famous warlords such as Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Tokugawa Ieyasu - everything creates a prefecture with plenty of amazing tourist attractions.
  In this way, our prefecture is an attractive destionation to learn, to play, and to live comfortably. In fact a large number of international students are learning at universities and colleges in Aichi prefecture.
  In addition, in Aichi Prefecture, we provide employment support in various ways so that international students can do to the best of their capabilities in the prefecture's excellent companies after graduation. Efforts are also being conducted to encourage international students who have returned to their homeland to act as bridges of human resources exchanges between the prefecture and their countries.

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