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What is Global Talent Development?【AAIS】

7月4日に開かれた平成25年度愛知県留学生交流推進協議会総会の後、先駆的な海外留学プログラムを立案・実施している立命館大学国際教育推進機構准教授 堀江未来先生をお招きして講演会が開かれました。

Open Lecture - “What is Global Talent Development?”
The lecture, titled "What is Global Talent Development?" and set up by the Aichi Association for International Students, took place on July 4, 2013, following the AAIS annual assembly. Professor Miki Horie, Associate Professor and Director of the Division of International Affairs, Ritsumeikan University, who is a coordinator planning and implementing new and unique study abroad programs at Ritsumeikan University, was invited as a guest speaker. Participants from many different backgrounds gathered to listen enthusiastically to the lecture.
Such an open-to-public and large-scale extended lecture has not been held before, and this no doubt marked a milestone in the history of AAIS. The lecture gave the audience opportunities to think about campus globalization and to explore around ideas on how to produce Global Talents who can meet increasingly internationalized industrial demands.




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